Friday, June 14, 2013

And now to add a South African flavour

Ned was from South Africa, he and his family moved to Australia and became citizens here when the levels of violence in South Africa got too alarming. He had met his wife as a mid teen, and been with her ever after. Until they weren't anymore. And just 6 months later, he met me. We met on a dating site and went out for dinner after exchanging some texts and emails. Dinner went well and a few dates later we spent the night together. For the next year we spent many weekends away together, and we had a pretty awesome sex life, but not a lot in common personally, I guess. We got along well though, we respected one another and he was gentle with me, which I loved. Then he tried to break up with me but kept coming back and trying again. He said it was too soon to be too serious and I wanted more than he did. He actually said he was breaking up with me because I was too sexy. SERIOUSLY. That's what he said. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. Because such an active and relatively adventurous sex life was new to him (don't get me wrong there were no swings or chandeliers), he couldn't handle it. Eventually he began seeing someone else, and I found out - accidentally. And that was that. Another few months of on and off do we don't we before we severed the ties for good, and I was alone again.

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