Friday, June 14, 2013

Hardy har har, Universe.

The universe has a funny sense of humour. As you know, I like Scooby, but he was off fixing things with his ex so I arranged a date with Mr New. I also had a interesting and positive contact from another guy that sounded promising. Only guess what? Scooby and the ex had an argument and things are weird again. And whilst I know that things between he and I are not changing any time soon, I don't want to add a potential complication either. I'd prefer to just be friends but see what happens in the next few months. Only do I date or not? I don't want to get in a spot where hes ready and I am still wondering but now have a new man to consider and confuse. Sigh. WHAT DO I DO? I really want to see what may (or may not) eventuate with Scoob because we DO get along so well. What's not to say tomorrow he will be trying again with the ex though? HELP?!

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