Friday, June 14, 2013

Captain America

Soon after splitting from James, I met Captain America and I became quite smitten, quite quickly. Eventually, that was returned, despite the long distance apart. Australia to the United States isn't a jaunt of a trip, but over the course of our two year or so relationship, I made it twice. The first trip was like something from a movie. Ten days of intimate connection, crazy wild brilliant sex and laughter. I felt like I never had before. I was in love. Truly. Getting on the plane to come home almost killed me, if it hadn't been for my kids I would not have come back. Sadly, and unsurprisingly, distance took it's toll on us and cracks appeared in our relationship. He struggled as a single dad and I struggled as a single mum. He had some major issues, I was trying to fix it all. We eventually saw one another again 14 months after the first trip. How we lasted that long is anyones guess. Skype is a pretty cool thing I guess. The second trip was not the same. It was harder, the connection was not the same, the sex was still great, but the rift had formed too deep. When I said goodbye this time, I was fairly sure that I wouldn't see him again. We struggled on for another 6 months, before calling it quits. Even then we lamented it for a further few months, but eventually, we let it go. Even though I knew it had to be, it hurt when just a few months later he was moved in and engaged to someone new. I think I thought we were more special than he did. It was special while it lasted, and I learned a lot from it, but that sort of distance can never survive.

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